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[Outdated] SAMP Client Switcher (Launcher)

SAMP Client Switcher (Launcher)Title: SA:MP Client Switcher (samp_cs)Description: Easy switch / Auto change SAMP client to different version.Version: jheb What is this about ? This is tool / program to switch your samp client to other version without un/install or reinstall to match the server, created using AHK. How this work ? This program will detect samp server version from monitor.sacnr API and whenever you click play, your samp client will automatically change to server version. So you don’t need to install/reinstall the samp frequently if you want to play on foco-tdm. This program use ASI loader to read samp.dll What version ? 0.3.8-RC4 to 0.3.7-R2 or otherwise. If you want to add another version, just click client option > browse another version of samp, fill the version name exact with the version e.g. 0.3.8-RC5 etc. and add client. What is in this package?SAMP 0.3.7-R2, 0.3.8-RC4

Dayz Standalone Guides

DayZ Guides, Tutorials & Tips

1. Guide Crafting New Campfire + Furnace!
After well deserved holidays, the DayZ developers are back to work and the least we can say is that the 2015 Development Roadmap is filled up with awesome features. To be honest, it promises to trully step up the game into a new dimension. So all aboard and hold on to your seats… It’s gonna be a hell of a ride!

Let’s begin this year with a new patch: the highly expected 0.53 Update. Here’s a complete list of new features & items.

2. Crafting Improvised Backpacks.

The latest DayZ patch was released this week on the experimental testing branch, before being pushed to stable on Wednesday.
Aside from all the changes I already talked about last week, the update also includes a handful of other new things. For instance there are two new types of buildings that can be found in Svetloyarsk: a police station and a medical clinic, surrendering players will now drop any one-handed items they’re carrying, four new types of soda have been added, you can now place a burlap sack over you or another player’s head, resulting in loss of visibility and reduced hearing, six new military zombies have been added, there is now a weapon cleaning kit for maintaining your firearms, a speed-loader has been added for the double-barreled shotgun and players can now spraypaint handguards, buttstocks and CMAGs.

3. How to: Cook Meat.

You can now cook meat on the fire but you can also upgrade the fireplace into a makeshift oven. What you need to do is add a ‘stone’ to one of the loot spots on the fireplace. This will ‘upgrade’ the fireplace into a makeshift oven. The benefits of the oven over the fireplace are currently unclear but it’s most likely to do with the burning of meat.
Now you are ready to add your meat! The makeshift oven will have a few open slots, add as much meat as you like to these slots and you will see it slowly start to turn red. The meat cooks in real-time and it’s very easy to over-cook or burn your meat – so keep a close eye on it and remove it from the slot as soon as you see it is cooked. You can still eat burnt meat but the quality of the meat is questionable!

4. How Body Temperature Works in DayZ | Cooling Down & Warming Up.

We uncover how body temperature works in DayZ. Looking at hypothermia, hyperthermia, overheating, freezing, being hot and being cold in DayZ. We also look at how clothing(Heat Comfort Value), changes our body temperature over time and I provide some tips on how to cool down and warm up in DayZ Standalone.

Information for update you can check in here : DayZTV

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