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[Outdated] SAMP Client Switcher (Launcher)

SAMP Client Switcher (Launcher)Title: SA:MP Client Switcher (samp_cs)Description: Easy switch / Auto change SAMP client to different version.Version: jheb What is this about ? This is tool / program to switch your samp client to other version without un/install or reinstall to match the server, created using AHK. How this work ? This program will detect samp server version from monitor.sacnr API and whenever you click play, your samp client will automatically change to server version. So you don’t need to install/reinstall the samp frequently if you want to play on foco-tdm. This program use ASI loader to read samp.dll What version ? 0.3.8-RC4 to 0.3.7-R2 or otherwise. If you want to add another version, just click client option > browse another version of samp, fill the version name exact with the version e.g. 0.3.8-RC5 etc. and add client. What is in this package?SAMP 0.3.7-R2, 0.3.8-RC4

NsR MultiFunction Tools v4.0

Program Name : NsR MultiFunction
Program Version : 4.0
Original Name : Wc3 Invokelist
Original File Name : NsR MultiFunction.exe
Author : Jheb Krueger,
Download : NsR MF v4.0 (Mediafire)
Latest Version :

NsR Multifunction is a tool for Warcraft III or DOTA 2 (Original name was wc3 Invokelist, known as Invokelist 1.5 changenamed into NsR MultiFunction because this tool merged with other features) that contains some features to customize your keys and combine your skill. Features; Invokelist (This feature will automaticly send a straight skill of Invoker hero and release it), Short-Chat (You can send multiple chat line in single press), Customkey (This feature work on Warcraft III, because on DOTA 2 you can make your own key on control setting), Macro (Pre-release your skill with an item or abilty before you release it) and UserCode (You can defined your own code to combine your 'Point Target' skill and item here).
Post by Jheb's.

Menu Settings
New Profile - Make your profile about your setting
Clear Profile - Clear your current profile
Load Profile - Load profile of your setting
Save Profile - Save current profile
Save Profile As - Save current profile with different name
Warcraft Registry - Fix warcraft registry recommended for first time user
Warcraft Resolution - Change warcraft iii resolution
Suspend Hotkey - Suspend this program
Pause Hotkey - Pause program
How to use -
Check Update - Checking update for this program
Auto Check - Autochecking update everytime the new version released
About - About this program, program details

Main Settings
This main checkbox contains different function depend on its name, without checking main settings, your hotkey like invokelist, short-chat, customkey or macro will not run
1. Invoker - Activate Invoker tab.
Only if you're using invoker, automaticly cast some spell then invoke it for you.
2. Chat - Activate Chat tab
You can say anything about your gameplay in single press, but do not spam it!
3. Customkey - Activate Customkey tab
This Only works for warcraft iii to change your default skill's shortcut into anything you want.
4. Macro - Activate Macro tab
This macro can be used in warcraft iii or dota 2, you can set your combo here and release it with just single press
5. AutoCast - This is delay between some skill
Invokelist (Delay between 'qwe' and 'invoke')
Macro (Delay between your key, 'key1' to 'key2', 'key2' to 'key3'...)
UserCode (Such as Macro, this delay among keys')
6. ScoreBoard - Show/Hide Scoreboard
This key only works on warcraft iii to show or hide scoreboard (on top-right)

Game Settings
This area just an option for specific function
1. Warcraft III - Activate Warcraft
This toggle works for customkey, scoreboard, invokelist and other option inside warcraft iii (OpenGL, Fps, Reconnect, Window-mode)
2. DotA 2 - Activate DotA 2
This is for invoker, depends on your legacy
3. Legacy - Activate Legacy
Activate legacy of your control if you're using legacy, make it blank if you are not.
4. Warcraft III Button - Open Warcraft III
This button will open your warcraft iii and works if Warcraft III toggle is checked.
5. OpenGL - Activate OpenGL
This checkbox will read and write your opengl registry of warcraft iii
6. Fps - Improve Fps
This checkbox will improve fps of your warcraft iii.
7. Reconnect - Activate Reconnect
This reconnect mean for warcraft III especially for NusaReborn PvPGN Server, so you don't have to fear if you have bad connection.
8. Windowed - Activate Window mode
Window mode for warcraft iii, you can use it along with OpenGL, Fps, Reconnect checked and run it with clicking Warcraft III button.
9. MouseBlck - Activate MouseBlock
If you're using window mode to play warcraft, you can set MouseBlck checked for better playing. safe your cursor, ignore missclick.



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