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[Outdated] SAMP Client Switcher (Launcher)

SAMP Client Switcher (Launcher)Title: SA:MP Client Switcher (samp_cs)Description: Easy switch / Auto change SAMP client to different version.Version: jheb What is this about ? This is tool / program to switch your samp client to other version without un/install or reinstall to match the server, created using AHK. How this work ? This program will detect samp server version from monitor.sacnr API and whenever you click play, your samp client will automatically change to server version. So you don’t need to install/reinstall the samp frequently if you want to play on foco-tdm. This program use ASI loader to read samp.dll What version ? 0.3.8-RC4 to 0.3.7-R2 or otherwise. If you want to add another version, just click client option > browse another version of samp, fill the version name exact with the version e.g. 0.3.8-RC5 etc. and add client. What is in this package?SAMP 0.3.7-R2, 0.3.8-RC4

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